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Q:   Which products are USPS approved?

A:  Currently, the 4C horizontal mailboxes are USPS approved for interior lobby applications.  The model 1570 and 1565 pedestal mailboxes are approved for outdoor applications.


Q:  Do I need parcel boxes for oversized packages? 
A:  The current USPS 4C guideline requires 1 parcel for every 10 tenants.  We recommend confirming the number of parcel boxes required with your local postmaster.  In some instances where there is a doorman, office or concierge parcel boxes may be omitted if approved by the local postmaster.


Q:  Which mailboxes meet ADA requirements?

A:  Many different 4C models meet ADA requirements.  Some applications will require 100% ADA compliance while others may only require a certain percentage of the mailboxes that need to be within the ADA requirements.  Please be sure to check with the local authorities as to the ADA requirements in your area.


Q:  What colors are offered for your mailboxes and accessories.

A:  We work with manufacturers that offer a wide range of color options.  Color samples available upon request.

Q:  How do I get local USPS approval?

A:  Each city may have different requirements so it is VERY important to contact the  local postmaster before ordering any mailboxes.   Once you have drawings of the mailboxes you would like to purchase you will need to get the local postmaster to sign off on them.  

Q:  Do I need a directory?

A:  In all apartment houses having 15 or more receptacles, a complete directory of all persons receiving mail must be maintained.


Q:  Do I need a key keeper?

A:  Some buildings will require a key keeper in order for the USPS to gain access to the mailroom.  Please contact your local postmaster to determine if a key keeper is required for your building.  If one is required, typically the USPS will require a recessed model with a retractable chain to prevent the building key from getting lost.


Q:  Can I set up an account on terms with Authentic Parts?

A:  For one-time and parts orders, we typically ask for payment in advance.  If you will be a repeat customer, please contact Customer Service at (800) 229-2884 to request a credit application.  Credit applications take approximately 1 week to process.  If approved, our terms are 30% deposit, Net 30 days.


Q:  What type of payment do you accept?

A:  We accept all major credit cards, checks and money orders.  Typically, we do not ship COD.

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